The Instructors

Introducing the  co-directors of the Canine Conditioning Academy and primary instructors on all the CCA courses. Roz Davies and Emma Overend have a wealth of experience, and high level qualifications in the treatment and rehabilitation of dogs, humans and horses. Emma and Roz have been delivering courses for several decades between them, and are devoted therapists and trainers who enjoy sharing their knowledge with like-minded people.

Roz Davies

With personal experience of sports injuries Roz felt unprepared when her own dogs became injured. So an interest in canine physical fitness and injury prevention led to training in canine massage and since 2011 she has been specialising first in canine sports and remedial massage therapy and then human SRMT. Roz is BTEC Level 5 human sports and remedial massage therapist with several busy clinics. She holds PawDimensions workshops and gives advisory talks at a range of dog clubs in both sports, behaviour and showing disciplines. Roz holds a teaching adults qualification and has previously developed courses and lectured in hypnosis, self-help, EMDR and floristry.

Contact Roz Tel: 07958 656119

Emma Overend


Emma has worked as an equine and canine McTimoney and sports massage therapist for the last 20 years. She has specialised in the rehabilitation of sports horses and has a busy Equine and Canine practice. In the last 8 years Emma has applied her expertise working with sports horses to the area of canine exercise physiology. She has successfully transferred the many techniques used in the training and rehabilitation of the equine athlete to the sports dog and has many elite canine athletes on her books. Emma is a McTimony practitioner, Clinical canine massage therapist and a member of the Massage Guild, senior instructor of The Equine and Canine Touch and is a VHT human practitioner. She is also a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer. Emma is also listed on  the Animal Health Professions Register and a member of IRVAP.  

Contact Emma on 07977 314138


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Emma Overend
Tel: 07977 314138


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