Canine Conditioning Coach

Your CCA Coach is your dog’s personal trainer, teaching you to train your dog correct exercises for maximum benefit.
We offer courses in total conditioning and cross fitness for dogs which are designed to be fun and educational.
You and your dog will learn better motor skills, improved muscular coordination, balance and proprioception.

In just 8 weeks you can build true core strength in your dog

You will also:

  • Develop strength and improve muscle performance in just 8 weeks
  • Learn how to assess your dog’s movement and posture
  • Learn exercises that target specific muscle groups
  • See the difference physically and in body confidence
  • Science based and effective fitness basics


Please Note:  This is CCA Core Conditioning at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.   

Unless Coach credentials state otherwise this is not a replacement for veterinary treatment nor physiotherapy!

Find your nearest Coach or Therapist and get started NOW!

Northern England


Marianne Tembey –
Tel: 07949 786255
Areas covered: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire

Gemma Easton –
Tel: 07739 312288
Areas covered: Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire


Helen Chetwynd
Tel: 07901 984556


Areas covered: North Warwickshire, parts of Leicestershire & Staffordshire


Bryony Smith
Tel: 07834 522305


Find out more about Bryony

Areas covered: Northamptonshire


Nikkii Marlow 

Find out more about Nikki

Areas covered: Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, online


Lisa Binch –
Tel: 07418 082 240


Find out more about Lisa

Areas covered: Nottinghamshire, East Midlands


Jayne Strange –
Tel: 07834 897661


Find out more about Jayne

Areas covered: Nottinghamshire


Katie Ash  –

Tel: 07852 125349


Areas covered: Nottinghamshire


South East

Angela Day –
Tel: 07730 133134     Email:

Find out more about Angela

Areas covered: Suffolk, Norfolk & Norwich, Cambridgeshire & Online

Bea Coombes –
Tel: 07947 279396    Email:
Area covered: Kent

Penny Downing
Tel: 07732 395226     Email:

Areas covered: North London & Hertfordshire

Karen Young –
Tel: 07751 362220   Email:

Find out more about Karen

Areas covered: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Lisa Stilwell  –
Tel: 07950 428587    Email:

Find out more about Lisa

Areas covered: Essex


Estelle Lancaster  –
Tel: 07989 978765    Email:
Areas covered: Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk & Online


Zoe Alexander –

Tel: 07775 853455     Email:

Find out more about Zoe

Areas covered: Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex & North London


Tracey Hopper – 

Tel: 07594 487871      Email: 

Find out more about Tracey

Areas covered: Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton and online


Fiona George –

Tel: 07720126411


Find out more about Fiona

Areas covered: North Essex and Borders of Suffolk


South West

Ruth Greenhill –
Tel: 07971 082524
Areas Covered: South Wales, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire & surrounding counties


Amy Lawson  –
Tel: 07830 054585  Email:
Areas Covered: Gloucester, Wiltshire & Devon


Penny Warren –
Tel: 07920 482645  Email:
Areas covered: Bristol & South Gloucestershire


Rachael Reid –
Tel: 07473 929606  Email:
Areas covered: West & Mid Cornwall


Roz Davies –

Tel: 07958 656119 Email:
Areas covered: Somerset


Aleksandra Lipinska –

Tel: 07739 386945  Email:

Areas covered: Gloucestershire


Sam Woolridge –

Tel: 07585 338968  Email:

Areas covered: East Cornwall & West Devon  121’s only

Find out more about Sam

Yorkshire and the Humber

Hannah Watts –
Tel:  07792 408783   
Areas Covered: South & West Yorkshire


Southern England

Tracey Oliver –
Tel: 07734 779563  Email:
Areas covered: Camberley & Surrey


Carol Collins –
Tel: 07800 512069  Email:

Find out more about Carol

Areas covered: Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey


Emma Butler –

Tel: 07771 817035     Email:

Find out more about Emma

Areas covered: Basingstoke, Hampshire and the local surrounding area


Hayley Miller –

Tel: 07771 817035 Email:

Find out more about Hayley

Areas covered: I am based in Twickenham, and cover Southwest London, West Middlesex, and parts of Surrey.



Sandra Dunbar  BVMS  MRCVS  
Tel: 07889 607360  Email:

Areas covered: Northern Ireland


Mags Alexander –
Tel: 07817 986194  Email:

Areas covered: Glasgow & West of Scotland

Your CCA Coach can :

Teach CCA Conditioning classes at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Give an informative talk to your Club.
Host a stand where Instructors can provide Canine Condition Assessments which include posture, core strength and flexibility.
Assess a dog’s condition using static, dynamic and range of motion analysis techniques.
Tailor a conditioning programme to suit your dog’s individual needs.
Train sports teams, clubs and groups who want to improve condition and performance.
Meet measurable goals in conditioning and fitness.
Teach groups or individuals at all dog life stages, young, top sporting athletes, veteran to retired competitors
Teach our foundation level to puppies and growing dogs, assured that all exercises are safe and beneficial.

Contact Details

Emma Overend
Tel: 07977 314138


Contact Admin:

7 Amen Place
Little Addington

NN14 4AU


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