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1 Year Instructor Course

Canine Conditioning Academy Licensed Coach Course

The Licensed Coach course is bridging the gap in sports fitness training and canine therapy giving a framework for correct canine specific conditioning. In equine and human training it is usual to incorporate all elements of fitness to create great physical condition.  This course is designed for canine professionals who want to learn advanced techniques in the new field of canine conditioning and fitness. This course invites applicants who would like to be part of a strong team of canine professionals teaching safe proven tecniques under the guidance of the established and respected  Canine Conditioning Academy. You will be required to renew your licence on an annual bases by proving continued study in the field of canine conditioning.

Why this course unique

The CCA Coach training course is unique.  We have taken the most up to date scientific research in conditioning and fitness principles and practice to design our CCA conditioning programs.

The Founders have more than 30 years of experience in the fields of therapy and rehabilitation in dogs, horses and humans too.

This course pulls together current research from human, equine and canine conditioning and fitness, giving our students the most relevant scientific thinking to form the basis from which to excel in this new field of Canine Conditioning.

At CCA we have created safe exercises that are proved to correctly condition muscles in a measurable way, as part of balanced and thorough canine conditioning programme.

We take a step by step approach beginning at the core, and moving toward sport specific training, using methods and easily sourced equipment that can be integrated into your dogs lifestyle.

What the qualified CCA Coach can do

The Canine Conditioning Academy Licensed Coach course will provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles and practical application of the CCA canine fitness, training and conditioning program. This course explores the science and art of canine conditioning and students will be taught to critically evaluate canine condition and implement the Canine Conditioning Academy programs.  It is a measurable programme, easy to understand and safe with proven results. 

The qualified CCA Instructor will be able to:

  • Assess a dog’s condition using static, dynamic, ground assessments and range of motion analysis techniques
  • Safe training is priority for the dog, as a coach you will be able to fully assess a dogs suitability for training or the need for referral to a Vet or appropriate therapist.
  • Tailor a conditioning programme for healthy dogs to support their needs
  • Teach conditioning classes
  • Train sports teams
  • Advise individuals who want to improve their dogs condition and performance
  • Meet measurable goals in canine conditioning and fitness
  • Teach foundation exercises that are safe for all ages of dogs

We DO NOT teach Physiotherapy techniques or rehabilitation post injury. 

How the course is structured and accredited

This course is a one year programme of study including:

  • 8 practical days as 2 day workshops –  4 levels to complete – Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Assessment. These practical days are held at the CCA using your own and clients dogs and held at 4 monthly intervals. Please note if you do not have a suitable dog, we can pair you with someone who does.
  • 9 modules by guided study of interesting theory in a mix of written assignments to be completed between the practical modules
  • 9 Case studies
  • Visits to sporting events throughout the year will be encouraged
  • 25 CPD hours are required each year post qualification to renew your licence
  • The CCAI course is accredited with LANTRA
How the course is assessed

Students will be assessed by marked theory modules and case studies.

Practical assessments will also be ongoing during the practical days and there will be an assessment weekend to ensure students are competent and confident to move forward in their own businesses.

Who the course is for

This course is designed for canine professionals working within the canine industry.  This is accredited as a level 4 study course therefore it is at a 1st year degree level. You will need to enjoy study and writing assignments as well as working practically with your own, and other people’s dog’s.

To apply to become a Canine Conditioning Academy Licensed Coach please contact us via email to arrange an interview.


12 months

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire


Full course £3337 (includes Foundation)

We now accept credit card payment 

During 2024 it will be possible to book the first practical element of the Instructor course as a standalone 2 day course for £255. See the Foundation Workshop details for dates and booking details.

Applications taken from canine therapists and trainers, other professionals working with dogs will be considered on an individual basis.



Canine Conditioning Coach course practical dates

For those who have attended a Foundation practical weekend here are confirmed dates for next years’ Canine Conditioning Instructor course. You will have already signed on and completed the self study Foundation modules prior to attendance of the Intermediate practical dates for your Instructor course. Courses are Monday-Tuesday unless marked Weekend.

25-26 Sept 2023


29-30 Jan 24


May 27-28


23-24 Sept 24


Start date:
4th April 2024

May 9th & 10th

12th & 13th September

23rd & 24th January 2025


April 17th & 18th 2025


Online / WRFC

October 7th & 8th 2024


February 3rd & 4th 2025


June 2nd & 3rd 2025


October 6th & 7th 2025


Excellent, knowledgeable and passionate trainers, who base their knowledge on researched professional scientific studies/published papers and many years of experience in the human, equine and canine field. The ability to obtain good core strength in the dog, using many of the dogs own natural movements, without the need for expensive unnecessary equipment, is eye opening.

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Emma Overend
Tel: 07977 314138


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7 Amen Place
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