I’m Nikki

I run Flying Pupstars


Nikki Marlow

Licensed CCA Coach and Dog Trainer

I want to make sure dogs have the best possibly chances of reduced likelihood of injury, improved overall body condition and improved performance for sporting dogs.

Nikki Marlow, Licensed CCA Coach & Dog Trainer in Northamptonshire

I’m Nikki Marlow. I’m based in Northamptonshire and on a typical weekend you will find me spending time with my husband and dogs in the countryside, competing in flyball or horse riding.

I run Flying Pupstars Academy, which are life skills and obedience classes. I’m excited to be running my Flying Pupstars Fitness conditioning classes alongside this. 

I took the CCA foundation course myself as I wanted to make sure my dogs were in the best possible condition for their sporting activities and general day to day antics. I was hooked and wanted the opportunity to be able to teach others how to achieve great results with their dogs. With it being science based the previous results speak for themselves and I studied to be a CCA coach to share that knowledge and help dogs and owners to really achieve their potential. 


My conditioning classes will be run as class groups, online and in person for face-to-face classes.

I also have availability for 1:1 clients too. 


“Nikki was absolutely brilliant during the conditioning course! She communicated via video multiple times to watch my dogs and how they were progressing but also to help me out making sure I was getting the movements right. The exercises were nice and straight forward causing no stress to the dog and they found the exercises very easy but loved doing them at a the same time.

Heist was quite uneven in terms of muscle on either side of his legs and on our final measure we found out that he had equalled out quite a lot which is brilliant for him if he was favouring one side over the other.”


“My two Border Collies Ellie and Joe took part in the conditioning course I really enjoyed doing this with them both.

Ellie being older at 14 years, it helped a lot with her mobility and movement and she really enjoyed doing the exercises.

Joe aged 7 years as a flyball dog tended to favour one side so this helped to work on the other side as well.

I found this enjoyable to do with both dogs who also enjoyed them.  Nikki explained the exercises very well and the rationale behind them which I found very informative and useful.”

“I want to give dogs the best opportunity for long and comfortable futures in their day-to-day life and their chosen activities.”


Core Conditioning

Dog Training:  Obedience & Life Skills



Northamptonshire, UK

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