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Zoe Alexander

Licensed CCA Coach

Dog Trainer

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Zoe Alexander, Licensed CCA Coach & Dog and Agility Trainer

My name is Zoe Alexander.  

I owned my own horse and started working with horses when I left school, firstly gaining BHS qualifications then freelancing as an instructor. During this time, I was always aware of keeping horses sound and fit for their intended job.

Fast forward to my horse being elderly so I spend more time with my dogs, competing in agility and breed showing.  Now I need my dogs to be fit and strong, in order that they can be the best they can be.

I discovered the Canine Conditioning Academy and I became truly excited to be able to use such a scientific approach to fitness with my dogs. The programme pulls together all I learnt over the years with the horses, has given me new insight and skills to improve my dogs ability to perform and I am equally excited to be able to help other owners bring out the best in their dogs too.

Group Classes are run in

Hunsdon Village Hall, SG12 8NJ


“I enrolled on Zoe’s Canine Conditioning course with the aim of improving the overall fitness of my rescue dog Isla. After 8 weeks the results still blow my mind . . . . physically Isla’s shape has changed, her topline is amazing and her overall balance has improved so much.

Mentally Isla is much calmer as the exercises continue to stimulate her grey matter too. all this is the result of Zoe being a very knowledgeable, passionate and patient teacher. Thank you for everything Zoe, from Caroline and Isla

“After 8 weeks the results still blow my mind!”


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