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It’s easy for us to say that our programmes work, so here’s what people say about our trainers

When Emma and I designed the CCA conditioning programmes we drew on our personal experience. We developed our methods from a therapeutic perspective with clients, from one day workshops and through running conditioning classes, puppy education and study, and more study.

We knew that dogs’ were improving towards our conditioning goals, and becoming stronger, fitter, more balanced and changing towards correct posture.

However, it is easy enough for us to say our programmes work!

But we believe it is more credible and in line with our ethos for testimonials to come from the handlers of dogs who have participated in a programme. This is where our conditioning method and CCA programmes have been overseen by one of our CCA Licensed Instructors, or student Instructors.

Here are example of many ‘testimonials’, or ‘benefits for the dog’ statements, and there are many more. Get in touch if you want to discuss anything specific or want further information on any aspect of our CCA conditioning methods.

Assessing the dogs on the programmes – how do we know they are effective?
Guesswork or measurement?

Our Instructors work within the structured framework of our Assessments in order to measure progress. The exercise programmes are devised to a specific plan, so there is no guesswork, and we aim to assess, re-assess and measure.

The dog handler is involved every step of the programmes, understanding how and importantly ‘why’ we include the methods we use.

We like to say that everybody will look at their dog in a very different way, using the CCA Static, Dynamic and Ground exercises as the basis for knowledge to really evaluate posture, flexibility and balance.

Canine Conditioning Foundation run by Sam Buckenham

Case Study 1

“I am convinced that the conditioning programmes have really helped Fingal to begin to perform to his full potential”

Fingal has been back competing in agility for the first time in two years and is now jumping better than ever before. Despite working on jump skills previous to his injury, Fingal was always a rather clumsy jumper, but he is now consistently leaving the poles up and achieving really good course times. Recently, Fingal achieved his first clear round since returning from injury and won the class by 6 seconds, so moving up to grade 4. I am convinced that the conditioning programmes have really helped Fingal to begin to perform to his full potential and I am looking forward to continuing to build on this in the advanced programme.


Case Study 2

Fenda – the Search and Rescue dog

“He now looks and feels like a dog that works out at a gym”

canine conditoning quote

canine conditioning german shepherd   canine conditioning german shepherd

Sam Buckenham

Licensed CCA Instructor

CCA Foundation Courses run by Sam Axtell

Case Study 1

“I learnt so much about my dog and the improvements in him physically have been amazing”

canine conditoning assessmentWhat a fantastic course I learnt so much about my dog and the improvements in him physically have been amazing. I now understand the way my dog works and the stretches and exercises are fantastic and now a part of our daily routine. His agility has improved and I understand the principles of warming up and cooling down. Any one who owns a dog should enrol on this course whether your dog competes in any sporting activity or not. I wish I had known about this course sooner. I will never forget what I have been taught. Thanks Sam (Axtell) for helping me to understand my dog and the way he moves.


Case Study 2

“Within the first few weeks I noticed that YoYo and I were getting more competitive times in agility classes and he was turning tighter and moving better.”

canine conditioning dog weaves agilityWe decided to do the Canine Conditioning Course mainly to help us with our agility and for me to be able to do the best for YoYo. From the 1st week we enjoyed learning new techniques and ‘games’ for us to practise away from the classroom. Sam makes the course easy to follow and takes her time to ensure everything is explained and we all knew what we were doing. Within the first few weeks I noticed that YoYo and I were getting more competitive times in agility classes and he was turning tighter and moving better. We even had the fastest times on occasion albeit with faults in agility courses.

The course is ideal for any dog owners whether they compete or not. Lots to learn and having fun whilst you do. Highly recommended thanks Sam Axtell

Sam Axtell

Licensed CCA Instructor

CCA Foundation Courses run by Penny Downing, Licensed CCA Instructor

Case Study 1

Iggy – Lurcher, aged 2yrs 8mths, competes in canicross and agility

“Anne said that Iggy was placing his feet more carefully and this translated to the canicross and agility in which he competes”

Case Study 2

Holly – Border Collie, aged 11yrs 10mths, retired agility dog

Following the Foundation programme, Holly was able to sidestep to the left more easily, this was something she found difficult before. She did still take shorter steps with her left fore and was noticeably stiffer when bending to the left.

On completion of the intermediate programme, Anne remarked that Holly was able to turn tighter when moving anticlockwise. Holly no longer competes in agility but Anne felt this might help her performance when taking part in Hoopers.

Penny Downing

Licensed CCA Instructor

CCA Foundation Courses run by Lindsey Fidler, Licensed CCA Instructor

Case Study 1

Lester has increased in all his static measurements with the gluteal measurement increasing the most especially on the right. Before beginning the programme Lester slightly swung his right hind out to the side when he moved but now he moves it much straighter.

Case Study 2

Rey competes in Flyball and naturally has some one sidedness. After the Foundation exercises, Rey’s owner felt she was flexible equally left and right.

Lindsey Fidler

Licensed CCA Instructor

CCA Foundation Courses run by Gill Hornsby, Licensed CCA Instructor & specialist in Dachshund IVDD

Case Study 1

Wilbur, miniature dachshund, completed the Foundation programme 6 months after having IVDD surgery.

“When we started the exercises, Wilbur was only doing 15-20 minutes walking. He is now doing at least 25-30 minutes, and is running around more. His core strength is definitely more noticeable, and his walking is less “wiggly” at the back and almost back to pre-IVDD.”

Case Study 2

Conor, 5 year old working Labrador, completed the Foundation programme after recovering from a gracilis strain and to complement his gundog training.

“From beginning to end Conor has thoroughly enjoyed the exercise routine and has approached them with his usual gusto. His performance has improved, he tends not to get fatigued, even in the heat we have been having. And his recovery also appears to be much quicker too.”

Gill Hornsby

Licensed CCA Instructor

CCA Foundation Courses run by Marianne Tembey, Licensed CCA Instructor

“I would happily give Marianne and the course full marks.”

I signed up for Marianne’s Canine Conditioning Academy Foundation Course after attending her Introduction Workshop, and after Missy my German Shepherd, had a slight weakness in one rear leg. So glad I did. After the 8 week period I can definitely see and feel the difference in Missy. Marianne is very knowledgeable and informative in her approach. The course is filled with lots of exercises and stretching techniques and importantly for me; the reason why you are doing them. I came away from the course with a new understanding on my dogs health and fitness and a new dimension to working with Missy, and she is definitely feeling the benefits of it every day. As this is not just for injured dogs, I have already signed up for the next level of the course.

Marianne Tembey

Licensed CCA Instructor

Donna_Lewis_TeamGB Agility

Flora is a 6 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She competes in Agility at Kennel Club G7 and Championship Level and for the last 4 years has competed at Crufts in the Crufts Small Agility Team.

In 2015 we were runners up, and in 2016 Flora was part of the winning Crufts Small Agility Team.

I met Emma Overend when I was looking to support Flora’s active life with a treatment that could benefit her performance, treat any ‘niggles’ she had and to help her reduce emotional stress and physical tension as she has seizures, and takes medication.

Emma began working weekly with Flora and accepted Emma from the first session and she trusts Emma totally. Emma prescribes exercise routines for Flora between therapy sessions. She benefited in many ways “ better flexibility, better gait and co-ordination, ability to relax easier, better relationship between us and appearing less stressed. This has resulted in better performance at competitions with more wins, faster times and less injury.”

I cannot thank Emma Overend enough for the time she gives to me and Flora.

Donna Lewis

Agility Team GB

The exercises Roz suggested were clear and within Poppy’s capabilities, modelled to her requirements. Exercises were reviewed every few weeks and on each visit I could demonstrate how Poppy had improved considerably, showing increased flexibility/flexion and connection; her confidence in being able to easily perform the exercises increased too.

Mary Macarthy

Owner, Working Trials

Out of the blue, my 10 year old GSD dog started crying out in pain, this situation deteriorated quickly, with him standing with his leg quivering and being held in the air.  At the same time he was biting at the air around the thigh as if something was attacking him.

I took him to my vet and after the consultation I asked if she could refer me to Emma, as she had been recommended.

Emma took a video of my dog in motion, analysed his gait in slow motion and took a case study from me and then discovered the torn muscles in his thigh. I was shown massage and stretching techniques, along with injury management instructions.

After a few weeks I returned to see Emma and she was delighted with the repair process. But she did say, the main stabilising muscles in the thigh were under-developed. This rang true to me, as when he was running fast and turning he did look a bit unstable.

I was given some very simple exercises to do and I have been amazed at how these muscles have grown and strengthened his back end.

I have since been on a PawDimensions course to learn more about core muscle strength and the exercises involved in developing it. I have put everything I learnt to good use on all my dogs – and would recommend PawDimensions to anyone.

Paul from Cambridgeshire

Owner, Working Trials

I can’t thank Roz enough for how she has helped my Border Collies. She has taught me exercises to strengthen their core muscles to prevent injury and is happy to share her vast knowledge to help me.

Sue Jackson

Agility competitor

Emma comes regularly to see my dressage horse Laurie and works wonders with him. I also refer my canine clients to her when they need muscle work or re-hab. I couldn’t be without her.

Sue Booth B.Vet.Med, M.R.C.V.S

Clear Ridge Vets, Stamford

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