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CCA Instructor Foundation course

The CCA Instructor course is very user friendly. It is split into various written modules, interspersed with practical hands on days where you put what you have learned into practice. As a qualified canine massage therapist, this course has really helped to hone my observation skills. I’m looking forward to using the conditioning knowledge to help my massage clients, as well as running general conditioning classes.

Rachel Reid

Canine Massage Therapist, Kernow K9 Massage

A truly firm foundation in understanding the what, which, why and how and when to condition any dog of any age at any level in order to optimise their health and fitness.

Allyson Tohme

Agility, Working Trials, KCAI

Great informative scientific based course. A must for anyone wanting to know how to improve dog’s lives.

Clarie Larkins


Really valuable tools with simple application for effective/visible results.

Ruth Forster

Brilliant course, learn lots, great instructors, lots of knowledge and experience.  Highly recommended.

Lucy Phillips


A really good course.  I have been on a lot of courses and Roz and Emma are the best teachers I have had.  And the exercises are so achievable.

Amy Shorrock

Canine Massage Therapist and Hydrotherapist

I came into this course knowing my dogs had a few issues.  I feel the information provided and the exercises learnt will not only improve their core strength will will enhance their agility career and all of the other dogs I teach and will teach in the future.

Josie Spurling

Dog Trainer

Very informative weekend that I feel will help me to help my own dogs as well as adding to my knowledge base with the canine clients.

Kerrie A


I’m very careful about which courses I ‘expose’ myself and my dogs too, as there are many courses out there that tell you ‘this is the course you should be on’. So many things can be taught badly at the detriment if your dogs health.

This course was very effective, safe and although I’ve yet to put my dog through the 6 week conditioning programme we are sent home with, I have every confidence I will have a dog with good core stability without risk of injury or detriment to their musculo-skeletal well – being.

Excellent, knowledgeable and passionate trainers, who base their knowledge on researched professional scientific studies/published papers and many years of experience in the human, equine and canine field. The ability to obtain good core strength in the dog, using many of the dogs own natural movements, without the need for expensive unnecessary equipment, is eye opening.

This course will certainly show you how and is worth every penny.

Sam Wooldridge

Canine Massage Therapist

Didn’t think I could ever learn so much in such a short period of time – loved it thank you.

Becky Appleby


Found this course so interesting and informative and safe for the dogs. Less is more which certainly seems to be the case here. The exercises are gentle and safe but extremely effective. A must for dog owners!

Cath Nicoll

Canine Massage Therapist, Canine Massage Tutor

PawDimensions Workshop


Your course was well designed and well presented by people with a scientifically observed knowledge of their subject as well as being enjoyable by both handler and dog. Thank you both for an interesting and enlightening day.

John Webber & Max (9yrs)

Dog Owner

tasmin-and-lelki-pick-up-feetThe course benefited me as it has given me practical exercises to use with my own dog, as well as some underpinning theory too, to support the exercises. It has also strengthened my interest in this subject and given me a new perspective to consider when examining animals – which is something I do within my role as Veterinary nurse and Behaviour Advisor.

Tasmin Durston & Lelki

Behaviour Advisor, previously Veterinary Nurse


This course is for anyone who wants to attain the very best fitness for their dog, neither of you will be disappointed. Also valuable use of individual quality time spent focusing on each of my dogs!

Ellinor Vickery & the Tervurens

Dog Behaviourist, Trainer at PDTI

I have been competing in Agility since I was 15, so that’s well quite some time ago. Back in the day it was not so important to keep your dog in such a fit state, dogs were running much slower then, agility courses were different, now it is a very competitive sport with dogs and handlers running at incredible speeds across a range of surfaces, jumps, contact equipment and other obstacles. There has been an increase in different ways to support your agility dogs performance, fitness, health and well-being and longevity ranging from herbal supplements, joint support, magnetic therapies and massage. I booked a place on a Canine Conditioning course run by the CCA to implement into my dogs daily routine alongside a careful diet, correct harness and dog walking equipment for my dog. Having a new dog I wanted to get it right from the beginning but also find something to support my current dogs fitness. The course was very helpful offering gentle, natural exercises that condition the dogs muscles, support any imbalances and can help support the fitness of your dog. The exercises can be carried out indoors or outdoors, during a walk or particular part of the day. It is easy to implement the exercise and they become part of your dogs routine. I was impressed by the knowledge and skills the tutors had between them and were honest and open in the experiences they had had and participation on a range of courses and training to ensure the exercises they delivered were suitable, appropriate and safe. I also noted that the course was supported by a range of research and included both theory and practical work. Very impressed by the course and would certainly recommend it to anyone with a pet, show or working dog. I am now also partaking in my fitness and using massage and conditioning to benefit my performance, health, well-being  and fitness.

Donna and Furry Four Legged

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