I’m Sam

I run go canine  Canine Core Conditioning and Clinical canine massage therapy


Sam Wooldridge

Canine Massage Therapist & Licensed CCA Coach

I am proud to be a part of the Canine Conditioning Academy as a Licensed CCA Coach and to be able to bring about positive changes to other dogs lives

Sam Wooldridge, Licensed CCA Coach & Canine Massage Therapist in East Cornwall.

Hi, my name is Sam and I run ‘go canine Canine Core conditioning and Clinical canine massage therapy.

Following a cruciate injury to one of my dogs, I wanted to look for ways in which I could help my girl lead the best life possible. Clinical massage provided recovery, flexibility and comfort, but there was a little something just else needed in addition. After all we don’t just have one tool in the tool box to fix every problem! Something a yoga teacher said to our class one night…..”you need balance” ….”to balance flexibility with strength”. And that was the missing piece of the puzzle in my work, finding a safe program of exercises to bring about a stronger core and improved movement and the CCA program delivered. The results are truly astounding. The CCA exercises are fun and the dogs love doing them!

I am based in Gunnislake, East Cornwall. Canine core conditioning has given my dogs an extra leash of life in their senior years, improving balance, stability, flexibility, co-ordination, fitness and best of all, their happiness.

I currently run 1 – 1’s in person or online


Having attended the core conditioning foundation course with my JRT cross I was amazed at the difference in her, both muscle tone and balance. I  have now opted to continue onto the next stage with her and she is doing well, she is stable in her movements, is becoming faster in running exercises and balanced in other ways. I love seeing her knowing she has improved in both body and mind, a more confident dog all together. The courses are both informative and fun for us and I thank Sam for her patience teaching us the exercises and getting them right and making my Puzzle a happy little dog in more ways than one. Definitely would recommend to everyone to try this.

Chris and Puzzle

“Having completed the 6 week foundation course with Veto, I am very pleased with how he is looking.

I can see and feel his muscles are now better and he is feeling and looking faster around the agility course.

Veto has a running dog walk and it is important for him to have good core and body awareness to travel across the dog walk at the speed he does.

Also most of the agility equipment requires precision and speed.

I would recommend this course for any dog who does a dog sport.

Kelly & Veto




“The CCA exercises are fun and the dogs love doing them!!”


Core Conditioning

Clinical Massage


07585 338968

East Cornwall, UK

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