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I run K9 Bodycare Canine Massage Therapy


Jayne Strange

Canine Massage Therapist & Licensed CCA Coach

I take a holistic approach with your dog, which means I consider your dog’s whole body, their environment & lifestyle which  allows me to provide advice, guidance, and support for  dog and owner which will give us the best possible results.

Jayne Strange, Licensed CCA Coach & Canine Massage Therapist in Nottinghamshire.

Choosing to train as a Canine Condition Coach with the CCA was a no-brainer for me, as their approach is to provide a safe, achievable, and effective conditioning programme for all dogs and this works hand in hand with massage which is the perfect match.

I am fun-loving and sometimes a little bit crazy, obviously when I am not working! I love wandering around in forests and on beaches with my fun-loving springer (who I must admit doesn’t have a wander in him) and my bouncy, beautiful Labrador.

I have been lucky enough to win the UK Enterprise Awards for “Best Canine Massage Service” & North Notts Businesswomen Awards “Professional Service Sector Award – for the work I do with dogs.

My studio is based in Carburton, Nottinghamshire, which provides a safe and nurturing environment for both you and your dog.


  • 1 to 1 in person Canine Conditioning
  • Clinical Canine Massage
  • Online Canine Conditioning
  • Group Conditioning Classes held during Spring and Summer


“After being discharged from the specialist with Dave we were left with very little information on how best to proceed with his recovery. The only advice given was to gradually build up his exercise but they didn’t specify the best way to help him recover or build up his tolerance or strength.

We found it extremely difficult to find any support or information on his condition and Dave is a very nervous rescue dog who has to learn to trust new people so we needed someone who was not only knowledgeable about his injury but has the experience and patience to deal with his  nervous temperament.

When we started working with Jayne, Dave hardly used his leg.


It was there more as a balance for him and watching him he had little idea how to use it effectively but over the weeks we have seen him progress incredibly. His strength and condition are coming back and we can see how improved his general wellbeing is.

Jayne explains everything clearly so we can continue between sessions with Dave and she has given us the support and confidence which was lacking when we were discharged by the specialist.

All in all we can attribute Dave’s progress to Jayne’s dedication, hard work and guidance but If I had to sum her up in one word I’d say “amazing!”




“His strength and condition are coming back !”


Core Conditioning

Clinical Massage


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Nottinghamshire, UK

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