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Massage For Agility & Sporting Dogs

Canine Massage 1 Day Workshops

Both the Beginners Guide and the Sports and Agility Workshops are open to everyone from total beginners to those wanting to brush up their skills.  The benefits of massage have been well documented in humans, however the same benefits can be enjoyed by dogs. On these 1 day workshops you will be shown 8 Swedish massage tecniques that can be so beneficial to your dog; loosening stiff, sore, tight muscles, improving their comfort levels and their sense of wellbeing. You will also learn some safe joint mobilisation to increase joint flexibility. Massage improves your dogs health and performance and supports orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis.

There are two workshops to chose form:
Canine Massage – Beginners Guide
Canine Massage – Sport & Agility

Canine Massage Beginners Guide 1 Day

This workshop  is the perfect introduction into how dog massage can help your best friend at home! By the end of  workshop you will be able to give your dog a Full Body 40 Minute Swedish Massage to help loosen stiff, sore, tight muscles, improve their comfort levels, mobility and sense of wellbeing. This is a calming, soothing day for both you and your dog.

You will learn:-

  • How and why massage really works
  • How to find bony landmarks and main muscle groups
  • Tutorial 1: Learn & practice the fundamental massage techniques with your dog
  • Tutorial 2: Learn how to perform Passive Movement – an amazing technique that helps to promote your dog’s mobility
  • Tutorial 3: Learn and practice your K9 massage routine!

Canine Massage Sport and Agility 1 Day

This workshop is open to people who have never done massage before but want to help their sporting dog. Whether your discipline is agility, obedience, working trials or gundog work, this workshop is an absolute must for any owner or handler who considers their dog’s health paramount to their performance. You will be working with your own dog all day to learn:

  • How massage works and why it can benefit your dog’s performance
  • Common stress areas that can affect performance – catch them before they become a problem
  • Tutorial 1: The Pre Event Warm Up Routine – how to get your dog warmed up & ready for action
  • Tutorial 2: Post Event Cool Down Routine – how to soothe aching muscles, drain lactic acid and speed recovery
  • Tutorial 3: Massage Maintenance at home – Maintain, Gain & Sustain



Enthusiasm and a willing dog


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Emma Overend
is a fully qualified Clinical Canine Massage Therapist and licensed to teach workshops through The Canine Massage Therapy Centre. 

Found this course so interesting and informative and safe for the dogs.  A must for dog owners!

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