Hi, I’m Angela Day Owner & Founder of Born to Run


Angela Day of the Canine Conditioning academy and Born to Run

Angela Day


CCA Coach and Co-Owner of the Canine Conditioning Academy.

Small Animal Rehab Specialist, Canine Massage Practitioner & Licensed Massage Workshop Instructor

Angela Day, CCA Coach, Canine Massage Therapist & Small Animal Rehab Specialist in Suffolk

I’m Angela Day

I’ve worked with world championship-level sport and working dogs including Essex Police Dog Section. 

Many of these dogs presented with specific muscles in spasm.  But how could that be, they are so fit?

During my training with the CCA I had my Aha! moment. 

These muscles would painfully tighten because the core stabilising muscles were weak.  This weakness caused the wrong muscles to overwork resulting in painful spasm and injury.

Of course, it was classic overcompensation!

tristan flyball dog and cca conditioning client

As a Licensed Coach/Therapist I get to change dog’s lives for the better

I Offer:

  • 121 in-person or online conditioning
  • Sport/working dog team conditioning
  • Sport or Beginners Massage Workshops
  • I rehab your dog back to full fitness after injury
  • Clinical Massage


“More playful when in teaching with me, less obvious stiffness in hind end.

Budd’s flexibility greatly improved and range of movement beyond all expectations.

It’s a full-on commitment but 100% worth it to get a stronger dog.  Love love loved it!”


Helen & Buddy

“Aside from the physical changes, I noticed her really starting to think about her leg placements.  She loved learning the techniques and engaging both her brain and body.

I HIGHLY recommend the course to anyone with a sighthound as it reminds them there is another gear between standing still and super speedy!”

Juliette & Layla

“Angela has transformed my young border collie”

Angela Day Core conditioning Essex Police dogs


121, online or in-person Conditioning

Team Talks, Core Programmes

Sport & Beginners Massage Workshops

Canine Rehabilitation & Massage 


07730 133134
Born To Run Services
Suffolk, UK

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